I have a couple goals, one is to own every generation Corvette, another is to drive every production car. When I bought this C4 I started to order all the parts to fix it up. I quickly decided that it needed a lot of work, plenty more than the car could ever be worth. So I decided we should just pull all of the body off and drive it around as a go-kart. I started telling everyone about my idea when my brother came over, he showed us Roadkill’s old video. I was going to build mine anyway but we soon made a decision that this car would be turn-key and use plenty of tech.

On to the current plan! We are pulling all of the body panels, relocating the battery, adding a fuel cell swapping in a built 5.3, then adding electronics from this century.

Who’s building it? A bunch of people who love cars and hooning.


  • Peter Goeman

    I saw the road kill video and thought that it would be a fun project then I found you on youtube. I’m curious about your long term plan – I know about the motor and trans but what are your plans for the body and making it street legal? Can it be insured in the stripped down condition? It sort of compares to the Ariel Atom and the KTM. I’m looking forward to watching your progress.


    • GoC4RT

      To be street legal it needs a windshield, fenders, bumpers, and lights. We plan to cage it and make the necessities out of sheet metal. We also have all the lighting already. As far as insurance, its currently insured as a Corvette and it will simply stay like that 🙂 Thanks for watching!

  • jake

    hey guys! im in the process of doing the same thing ! 429 ci ford in a 1992 240sx ! its hacked and im saving up for the tube work ! ill see if i can send some pictures your way ! keep up the good work ! definitly interested and cant wait for updates.

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